Residential & Commercial Hardscaping in Nearby Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes

Planning your hardscaping designs with our team at McKenzie Landscaping allows for a more easily accessible and functional outdoor space. We build retaining walls, patios, outdoor fireplaces, walkways and more. Our team will build custom structures that will allow you to maximize even the smallest of outdoor spaces for your enjoyment. Our Landscaping professionals will work closely alongside you to determine the right design, materials and final look for your property based on your hardscaping goals. 

The Benefits of Hardscaping Your Property

Adding a beautiful yet timeless stone fireplace or other hardscape structure creates a beautiful focal point for your yard and ultimately adds visual appeal which can increase your property value. Installing a stone patio or wood deck will increase your existing outdoor living space and will allow for a beautiful gathering space where your family and friends will enjoy making memories for years to come. Hardscaping your property not only adds visual appeal but can also fix grade issues by ensuring that your property is engineered safely and securely for the long term. 

What to Expect 

A well designed landscape can set the mood for an enjoyable time spent outdoors. However a poorly designed landscape can leave you not wanting to spend any time enjoying your outdoor space at all and can lead to a wasted space that is left looking unnurtured and uncared for. Don’t let a beautiful space with big potential go to waste. Transform your property into a beautiful space the whole family can enjoy simply by following our 5-step completion plan. The first step in our completion process is the planning phase. We will begin by working with our designers and builders to discuss the purpose and functionalities of your property so that our team is given a guide they can follow moving forward. We will then begin the design phase, where you will actually get to see your design take form with a realistic image depicting your design. Moving to the approval phase, once the design is finalized and we have your approval our construction team can start building. After the approval phase we will then begin the excavation phase where we will remove any unwanted structures and surfaces to make room for the design. After completion of all of these steps we will begin the fifth and final phase of our completion process which is the building phase. Our team will make sure your property is correctly engineered to properly drain your yard and not damage any underground or electrical lines so that we may begin building your design.

Don’t waste any more time, add value to your property and call us today to learn more about our hardscaping services and all of the ways that we can make your property dreams become a reality!